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Al Qalam Academy, Middle School program focuses on the whole child through programs, extracurricular activities, and emphasis on our core values. We give special attention to building social and practical skills that prepare you for successful integration into whichever high school programs you choose to attend after graduating from AQA. A typical middle school day begins with our Morning Azkar Assembly, a chance to build group communication skills among our homeroom classes. Throughout the day, students rotate through ‘big blocks’ of tantalizing educational experiences in Science, Math, Social Studies, Quran & Islamic Studies, or English. Those ‘big blocks’ are supplemented with ‘specials’ such as Art, Physical Education, and Resource Hour. We’re big on recess here at AFA, and students usually go outside (yes, even when it’s cold) at least once a day. All students get to swim in the ocean of the Arabic Language (at their level, don’t worry), and we meet for morning assembly for morning azkar and Zuhr prayers as a whole school. Friday is enjoyable, with shortened classes as school joins the jumuah prayers.

At each successive level, children take more responsibility for doing independent research and collaborative projects with peers. Presentation skills are built up over time so that each child gains experience presenting research and public speaking. Students who complete our curriculum proceed to have excellent high school experiences.

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