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Electives Course Descriptions


Through this class, you will learn how to communicate effectively. You will know how to maintain eloquence and proper posture when speaking before an audience. We can also help you heighten your confidence and improve your communication skills.

Graphic Design

We will master the technique of designing logos and learn to create interesting layouts for websites.

Instructor: Mrs. AYESHA KHWAJA


We will learn the basics of filmmaking using iMovie or Movie Maker. We will also write short stories and bring them to life as short films.

Instructor: Mrs. AYESHA KHWAJA

Sewing/ Stitching

Such skills are advantageous to develop as they can be helpful in future adult life. We will teach you about the basic sewing techniques and how to use sewing tools properly. You can also learn to practice your focus and patience.

Creative writing

The course will allow our students to show their creativity and express it through writing. We will help you improve your writing skills using different writing styles.


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