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The Establishment: Al-Qalam School was established in 1998. After years of hard work, learning, praying, and playing, we can say that our school is one of the best Islamic schools in Virginia. We have a friendly and supportive environment where you can study and practice being a good Muslim.

Our Goal and Mission: Our goal at Al-Qalam is one track. Our objective is to establish a sound Muslim community at the grassroots that follow an Islamic way of life. We aim to develop lifelong learners who are productive, positive, and active citizens of the community at large. Our purpose of instruction is to educate our future generations to grow, to love and understand Islam, to excel in academics, and to lead our community and country. We aim to promote education, responsibility, kindness, and leadership.

The Mission of Al-Qalam Academy is to create a safe, nurturing, and challenging academic environment for the students to achieve their highest potential. The Al-Qalam community strives to honor diversity through the social, emotional, and cultural growth of our students. Al-Qalam provides a learning environment that stimulates the development of positive attitudes, promotes intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creative problem solving to produce excellent global citizens.

Our Commitment: Al-Qalam affirms its commitment to create a community of learners by fostering challenging, inclusive education programs incorporating technology and embody an integrated curriculum to meet the individual and collective needs of all children. Our school programs reflect collaborative planning, remediation, and student enrichment programming. Al-Qalam maintains a professional learning community promoting excellence in teaching and community participation to ensure the successful education of students.


Moazzam Siddiqi :- Ph.D President /Trustee: Educationist, Former Division Chief Near East , South Asia Division VOA
Zahid Hameedi :- Chairman/Trustee, Executive Director: M.A (Journalism & Public Affairs) from American University, Washington DC
Burhan Ullah Qadri– Ph.D: Trustee: Scientist worked for U.S Department of Navy
Annie Kameron -Trustee : M.A (Counselling) from George Mason University
Dr. Amir Rehman:- Trustee: Physician

N:B: All Trustees are elected and do not receive any compensation for their time. Comments and suggestions may be addressed to Executive Director at

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