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Al-Qalam Academy implements a unique curriculum with an integrated approach to learning. The curriculum is guided by the grade level Virginia Standards of Learning. Core subject areas, Arabic, Quran, Islamic Studies, Physical Education, Art, and Coding, are experienced through a broader lens. Our program is supported by guidelines, resources, and professional development for teachers to make good decisions around student learning. Elementary schools build a strong foundation for learning throughout a student’s life. Our goal is to ensure that each elementary student receives an equitable, rigorous, and relevant education. In addition to the instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics that is integral for success in life, we are committed to educating the whole child through engaging experiences and hands-on learning. Further, we attend to the child’s character development through programs that focus on caring, respectful relationships, problem-solving, decision making, and conflict resolution. We believe that every child deserves to experience excellent teaching and deep learning that meets her/his needs in every classroom, every day, and we meet for morning assembly for morning azkar and Zuhr prayers as a whole school. Friday is enjoyable, with shortened classes as school joins the Jumuah prayers.

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