Al-Qalam Academy
kids presenting on stage

Electives Course Descriptions

This class will help you develop your communication skills. Learn how to demonstrate poise and eloquence when speaking. Become confident when working with other students and when creating presentations. The class will culminate with class debates on selected topics.

Instructor: Mrs. Laura

Graphic Design
We will master the technique of designing logos and learn to create interesting layouts for the websites.

Instructor: Mrs. Shazia/Mrs.Suhana

We will learn the basics of filmmaking using iMovie or Movie Maker. We will write short stories and bring them to life as short films.
Instructor: Mrs. Shazia/Mrs.Suhana

In photography, we will learn to take creative photographs, be able to edit them and learn to display them in an attractive way.

Instructor: Mrs. Suhana/Mrs. Shazia

Fashion Design
We will learn to design and create interesting projects starting with basic sewing projects using patterns to create your own designs.

Instructor: Mrs. Suhana

In this class, we will learn a system of exercises for attaining bodily or mental control and well-being.

Instructor: Mrs.Shazia

Students further develop their robotics construction and programming knowledge. Most lessons are project-based where students are presented with a problem. This problem will require a re-conceptualization of a robot/mechanical design to solve the problem.

Instructor: Mrs.Shazia


Creative writing
In this course, we encourage students to think outside of the box and allow that free-thinking to meet the paper. Each student will learn how to write a variety of pieces using different writing styles.

Instructor: Mrs. Laura